Dry, Dry, Dry

We are now under drought conditions here. Most of our state is under a moderate drought alert. We have had very little rain for months now. The last real rain we had was back in late March. We have only had 1 1/4 inches of rain since that time. Late May/early June is kinda our rainy season. If you go out and look at our yard, it looks like it is late August. Everything is so brown and dry. We have HUGE cracks in the ground and everything is so dusty.
We got a few sprinkles earlier this week, but it was not enough to really measure in the rain gage. Hopefully we will get some real rain in a few days. We have a chance of rain during our church’s community out reach event (CORE) and we have picnics and all kinds of outdoor projects planned all over the county. We have several churches working with us on projects that give back to our local communities. What better reason for it to rain, lol.

At least I have had some time to work on my etsy shop, and the webpage for the boys’ fundraiser.
The boys are raising money to go to a church camp in FL next summer. It may take us that long to get all the money together, lol. Plane tickets are expensive, even this far in advance. The sooner we can purchase those the better the deal we can get. Then there is the camp deposits, and all the other expenses that go along with getting them there and feeding them, then getting them back home. They are really looking forward to it though.
The fundraiser we have decided on is through Saving Dinner and the webpage is:

We use Saving Dinner to plan out our meals for the week. They have weekly menus, grocery shopping lists, and very helpful tips to help us stay on budget. They have meal plans for everything from breakfast and lunch, to supper recipes and holiday recipes. We are using them for fundraising because their products are truely helpful and a great value.

I have been busy working in the woodshop lately.¬† It seems like lots of people are needing knitting needles. ūüôā¬† I do have a special going on right now.¬† I have a 3 needle set on sale for $55 + shipping¬†¬† – you save $5 over buying them individually.¬† I also have lots of other needle sets for sale.¬† I can add names to any of them for free.¬† This sale is good through the whole month of May.

Super Stix

My newest items in my Etsy Shop are finished and in the shop. They are my Size 50 Super Stix wooden knitting needles.
I LOVE these needles! I have had so much fun making scarves, shawls, blankets, and sweaters with these jumbo sized needles.
I made a few for gifts and gave to my friends who knit, and they liked them so much they encouraged me to put a few pair in my shop.
I am working on some new patterns that I will share once I test knit them, and have some of my friends do a test knit of the final patterns to make sure I have not missed anything. If you are interested, just head over to my etsy store and have a look.

I did not sleep well last night.  The moon was really bright last night as it reflected off all the new snow we got yesterday.  Our bedroom was bathed in half-light all night long, and I kept waking up and checking the time because I was afraid hubby had over slept and might be late for work.

By the time his alarm did go off, I had dozed back off for a little while, but woke back up when he came in to tell me the Pink Thing wouldn’t start.¬† Even better, the little junk car was parked behind my van, and I would have to get out the tractor later and pull the stupid thing out of the way.¬† Yeah! I thought, as I kissed him goodbye and assured him I could handle it.

I thought, maybe, just maybe, I might get to sleep a little late this morning to catch up on some much needed¬†sleep.¬† HA!¬† Boy was I a silly girl!!!¬†¬† At 6am, the inside dog starts growling and barking and wouldn’t stop.¬† She usually¬†doesn’t act like that, so I grab my gun, get dressed, and slink to the office, so I can see what or who is on the porch.¬† ¬†¬† It was the outside dog.¬† The big hound had broken her chain and was snarfing up all the leftover cat food before the resident birds came and cleaned up the leftovers.¬† Ok, I can handle this later.¬† The cats and chickens are all still locked up in the barn so she can run loose for a bit.¬† She doesn’t wander off, and the animals she is most likely to eat are all safe in the barn for now.¬† I’m going back to bed.

Well, that was the plan.  So much for plans.   Pup would not stop snarling.  So, out went Pup to play with Hound.  Now!  Sleep.  Pleeeeezzzzeee!  I head back to bed, only to hear a chewing, scratching, gnawing sound.  Oh, Come on!  Really?!  I thought we had gotten rid of all the little creatures.  SO I investigate.  The noise is coming from the air vent in the floor.  Wonderful, they have found a way into the air vents.  Where else would mice go on a cold day like this??

Ok, so now I am up, dressed, and on the War Path.¬† Death to Vermin Everywhere!!!!!!¬†¬† This is one of the lovely side effects of living in the country.¬† You have to live with Nature, all around you.¬† I simply ask that Nature not try to live in the house with me.¬† Not too much to ask, right?¬† Yet every winter the outside creatures seem to think they need to be warm and cozy too.¬† Sorry, NO!¬† Pup is the only creature allowed inside, unless you also include the three monkey children we own, I mean, parent.¬† SO I go get the bait blocks and drop one down the air vent and replace the cover.¬† This might smell later, but I can put up with that as long as they stop chewing holes in our air vents.¬† Yippy, another spring project.¬† Crawl under the house and fix air vents.¬† Hmmm, who can we call to do that lovely job.¬† I don’t wanna do it.¬† I don’t like spiders.¬† Hubby is busy and doesn’t¬†need to do it.¬† We will find someone to hire!!

Next problem to tackle today – The Hound.¬† I check the temp outside.¬† Well, would ya look at that!¬† It’s -10 outside on this bright, sunny morning.¬† Of course it is.¬† The wind chill is -20.¬† Even better!¬†¬† Ok, on go the coveralls, snow boots, scarf and an extra coat.¬† I grab gloves and head out the door to find Pup and Hound.¬† I walk out to the dog house and find the remains of the broken chain.¬† The links are all wearing thin where they touch and rub against each other.¬†¬†Ok, time for a new chain, but I gotta move the Pink Thing first.¬† It is still behind my van.¬† Where are those dogs?!?¬†

I walk around¬†the farm calling for Pup and Hound, and they finally stop chain¬†a bunny and come running up to me.¬† I try to attach the snap on Hound’s collar to the remaining chain, but the big snap will not¬†fit inside the¬†smaller links in the chain.¬† She will just have to be loose for a bit longer.¬† I can’t put her in the horse trailer because it is¬†too close to the barn wall for me to open the side door and it is backed up against the hay bales so I can’t open the back door either.¬† Can’t put her in the old rooster pen because she will just hop onto the pump house and jump over the fence.¬†¬†That pen was not set up to keep a dog in, just to keep her¬†OUT.¬†

I’ll worry about her later.¬† I need to¬†get the tractor started to pull¬†the Knight’s¬†trusty steed outta the way.¬† Will it start?¬† What do you think?¬† Let me give ya a hint.¬† Nothing else this morning has worked like it should, so NO.¬† It refuses to start.¬† Ok, surely I can push the car out of the way.¬† It’s a Geo Tracker and weighs about 100 lbs.¬† Oh Joy!¬† No keys.¬† Well, it’s in N so I will just shove it out of the way of the garage door…..then the steering wheel locks.¬†¬† Well, I got it moved, but it is kinda still in the middle of the drive, over by the brush pile.¬† I’m cold. I’m getting irritated,¬†and I am pretty sure I can back my van out and pull around¬†it to get out¬†of the drive.¬† It can sit there¬†till¬†hubby gets home.

Now to go in and get the boys outside to feed and water the animals¬†while I make breakfast.¬†¬†It’s only 9am.¬† I sure hope this day gets better!